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Monthly Archives: March 2010

This Telephone Pole Totally Looks Like A Grizzly Bear

In accordance with my love for all things bear-related, I post this image from Cheezburger. Enjoy. ūüôā



Okay, mom. I fixed this thing so that you can see what time I actually posted.¬† You see, I’m in a different time zone than wordpress’ secret lair, so when I post at 11:00 PM, it registers as 4:00 AM.¬† That’s the reason you thought I was up too late, dear mother.¬†^_^¬† I am quite well, having adjusted it to my time zone, so now you may gripe when you see a time on my blog that looks unwise because it probably is.¬† That being said, goodnight! ūüėÄ

If I had my way, I would be a bear.  Around late January and early February, I missed at least three classes simply because I got cold and fell asleep.  I then decided that my life as a bear could be terrific.

Look at this guy.¬† He rocks.¬† Think about it, though.¬† What does a bear do when he gets cold?¬† That’s right.¬† He eats everything in sight, and then he sleeps.¬† For three months.¬† I could go for that.¬† Beautiful.¬† That guy just finished gorging himself and he gets rewarded with a season-long nap.¬† I could sacrifice the opportunity to build snowmen for a chance at a life like that.

You know what else?¬† Bears don’t worry about their weight.¬† I dare you to walk up to a bear, look him in the eye, and say, “Bear, you are fat.”¬† Yeah.¬† Have fun with that.¬† You know what that bear’s gonna do?

That’s right.¬† He’s gonna eat you, and then he’s gonna go to sleep.¬† For three months.

Come to think of it, bears don’t worry about much of anything.¬† They don’t get embarrassed about running around naked all the time, they don’t give a crap if they’re bills aren’t paid (same thing happens to a bill-collector that happens to you when you call a bear fat), and I’m pretty sure if a bear had¬†been given the exam I bombed this morning, he would have played with the beakers and balances¬†for a little bit, but as soon as he got his paws on the sodium chloride¬†he would have recognized it as a comestible and all hell would have broken loose as he devoured the salt, the balances, the instructor, the students,¬†and anything else he deemed tasty.¬† Then he would have curled up and gone to sleep.¬† For three months.¬† Security might show up, or it might not.¬† Either way, if they have the guts to disturb a sleeping bear that just mauled an entire lab section, more power to ’em.¬† They’d probably just take him to a nice friendly zoo, where he could continue eating and sleeping whenever and wherever he pleased.

Yes, my life as a bear would be simply fantastic.  Beautiful.

Henceforth, whenever legally and morally appropriate, I intend to behave as though I were in fact a bear.  Here begins my life and the ideology behind my pen name.  I am a bear. GRAAAAWRR!!!!

I believe I may have just bombed my chemistry practical.¬† That’s alright, though, because it fueled me with problem areas to address with my tutor before the lecture test Monday.¬† As long as I pass the lecture with a B, I can get as low as a D in the lab and still pass the class as a whole.¬† I’m becoming increasingly thankful that the lab is only 25% of my grade.

So.¬† Before I forget, I need to ask Stephan about electronegativity, naming compounds, mass-mole relations, and… something else. ūüė¶¬† I know this… Chemical formulae.¬† That’s it.¬† I need to ask how to get a chemical formula after a reaction has occurred, such as the release of CO2 from a copper sulfate and calcium carbonate solution after reacting with HCl… See, it sounds a bit smarter when I actually say what the problem is instead of just saying, “Oh, crap, I don’t know this stuff.”¬† Anyway, Stephan should be here in roughly 9 minutes.

I had some kind of Mexican apple torta¬†for a snack after lab.¬† It certainly completed my morning with more satisfaction than can be gleaned from an atrocity such as the one I committed with all those beakers and test tubes.¬† There’s something about apples that seems to lift my mood and brighten my outlook.¬† It may be vitamins and such, but I think it’s probably the terrific flavor of America’s best pie-baking fruit.¬† It’s like the perfect spring day has been liquidated and used to saturate an otherwise dull perishable.

Apples and B-‘s.¬† The world’s looking pretty good today.

It’s either very late at night or ridiculously early in the morning.¬† I have a midterm practical in approximately eight hours, yet here I sit blogging.¬† Why do I do this?¬† I see the nature of the problem and the obvious solution.¬† What possible reason could I have for staying up regardless of what is wise?¬† I am tired, sleepy, fatigued, and in fact just plain lazy.¬† I’m struggling not to fail my chemistry lab.¬† I like being alone in my bedroom in my enormous bed while the fish tank hums its comforting lullaby.¬† These things summon me to my slumber with collective reason and affirmation of what I know is good for me.¬† Why, then, do I persist in my night-owl haunt of a parlour that holds no more interest to me than does an empty popsicle wrapper?

Obsession.¬† I am obsessed with myself and I continue to waste time spilling my thoughts because the notion that my mind is valuable, that this will be read and adored, is all too attractive for me to ignore.¬† There is pride in having organized my thoughts and published them for all the world to see, despite the realist in me that nags in the back of my mind, telling me, “Nobody cares, Brienna.¬† Nobody will read, and your time will only be wasted.”¬† I respond on the contrary.¬† “No,” I say.¬† “I care, and that’s enough reason to go on.”¬† And it is.