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I believe I may have just bombed my chemistry practical.  That’s alright, though, because it fueled me with problem areas to address with my tutor before the lecture test Monday.  As long as I pass the lecture with a B, I can get as low as a D in the lab and still pass the class as a whole.  I’m becoming increasingly thankful that the lab is only 25% of my grade.

So.  Before I forget, I need to ask Stephan about electronegativity, naming compounds, mass-mole relations, and… something else. 😦  I know this… Chemical formulae.  That’s it.  I need to ask how to get a chemical formula after a reaction has occurred, such as the release of CO2 from a copper sulfate and calcium carbonate solution after reacting with HCl… See, it sounds a bit smarter when I actually say what the problem is instead of just saying, “Oh, crap, I don’t know this stuff.”  Anyway, Stephan should be here in roughly 9 minutes.

I had some kind of Mexican apple torta for a snack after lab.  It certainly completed my morning with more satisfaction than can be gleaned from an atrocity such as the one I committed with all those beakers and test tubes.  There’s something about apples that seems to lift my mood and brighten my outlook.  It may be vitamins and such, but I think it’s probably the terrific flavor of America’s best pie-baking fruit.  It’s like the perfect spring day has been liquidated and used to saturate an otherwise dull perishable.

Apples and B-‘s.  The world’s looking pretty good today.


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